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I, Tarot Source, use Tarot as a tool for self-development.  I do not tell the future, as I do not consider this a fixed property.  Tarot Source readings should be viewed as dealing with possibilities.

I believe Tarot works best when approached for advice, as an aid to empowering the querent.  I make no claim to psychic abilities, but focus on positive exploration of situations and ways in which querents can develop matters beneficially. 


Querents are entitled to - and can expect - respect, open-mindedness and tactful honesty from me in my communications with them.  Querents are also requested to respond in the same manner, with an understanding that each of us is responsible for our own actions and decisions.


Readings are confidential, with no name or contact details being passed on to a third party (unless given express permission to do so by the querent or in the unlikely event that such is required by law).


Any payment involved will be agreed prior to a reading and will reflect the time and abilities dedicated to the reading, as discussed with the querent.


All readings focus on the querent and will not include tarot information regarding a third party.  Queries regarding a third party will be re-phrased to focus on the querent and the situation being considered.  I will usually request the querent’s approval of any such re-phrasing prior to reading the cards.


At the querent’s request, I may engage in dialogue about a reading (particularly for purposes of clarification) after it has been sent.  However, any such communications will not go beyond the remit of the original reading and will remain at my discretion.


I do not knowingly read for anyone under the age of 18, except in face-to-face situations and with the express permission of the querent’s parent / guardian.

I do not use Tarot in connection with imposition upon others.  This includes imposition by way of spells, curses, etc. (casting or lifting), and the encouragement of dependency on readings.


If I should feel unable to provide a reading as requested, I will offer an adjusted reading or will refund any payment received.  If there should be a delay in performing a reading, I will contact the querent to advise of this.  I will provide an explanation for such actions.


A tarot reading is not a substitute for professional advice requiring medical, legal, financial or other specific expertise which I do not possess.  Please consult a relevant professional if you have such a query.  Tarot Source readings are for entertainment purposes only, with a view to assisting the querent in exploring situations.


I reserve the right to refuse - with tact and understanding - a reading request.  I will endeavour to provide an explanation for any such decision.


I continue to develop my Tarot skills and am happy to encourage others interested in talking Tarot.  In support of this, I am a proud member of The Tarot Association of the British Isles (upon whose ethics the above is built) and I share knowledge of Tarot - and of tarot decks from my collection - here at Tarot Addicts.

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