The Deck Details pages (linked above) give information about some of the decks in the Tarot Source Collection.  Adding more is one of my on-going projects. *

For examples of card images, please note the link to Aeclectic Tarot at the top of each page.  Where Aeclectic does not show a deck, I try to provide another useful link site.

Where there are no specifics given, the following defaults apply (based on Rider-Waite):

SUIT / ELEMENTS: Wands - Fire; Cups - Water; Swords - Air; Pentacles - Earth

MAJOR ARCANA (card names and card order):

COURT CARDS: King; Queen; Knight; Page          STRENGTH: VIII  JUSTICE: XI

SIZE: A later addition, this information appears for some decks;
Standard for Lo Scarabeo decks is approx. 6.5cm x 12cm / 2½" x 4¾"

Unless otherwise mentioned, a booklet accompanies each deck.

Please note that there can be different versions/publications, especially for classic decks.

* These pages are for specific information about the make-up of the decks.  They do not include reviews or images.  It's rather dry information, but can be very useful if you are considering a deck and want to know specifics.  This information is not as readily available elsewhere as reviews and images.

0 The Fool

V The Hierophant

X The Wheel of Fortune

XV The Devil

XX Judgement

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I The Magician

VI The Lovers

XI Justice

XVI The Tower

XXI The World
II The High Priestess

VII The Chariot

XII The Hanged Man

XVII The Star
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III The Empress

VIII Strength

XIII Death

XVIII The Moon
IV The Emperor

IX The Hermit

XIV Temperance

XIX The Sun
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