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Thank you so much to my wonderful brother, for his help in constructively criticising my design layout and making many useful suggestions.

Many thanks, also, to others who let me know what they think of the site and how it might be improved.

Thank you to the generous people who make decks available for the use of others, and to those talented artists who create decks to share.  In particular, thank you to the creators of the Buckland Romani Tarot and the Pearls of Wisdom Tarot.

You can visit some sites of artists whose work appears in Tarot Addicts by selecting the card / text label where these images appear.  There are also links to these sites on the LINKS page.

This site was created using the extremely useful and highly accessible BlueVoda Website Builder.  This is a free site building tool.

The site can then be hosted by VodaHost, which has a Community Forum where members assist each other, as well as the usual Customer Support.

I have found this system easy to use.  If you are looking to create a site or change the hosting on an existing site, you may well benefit from investigating these services.
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