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The Tower is another 'difficult card' - not in name, as Death and The Devil are, but in its depiction.  A building struck and destroyed has become especially horrific in recent years, with the destruction of the Twin Towers, and it is certainly not the warmest of cards to view.

Often light'ning is seen striking the tower, setting it aflame, with figures falling to the ground below.  This reflects the unexpected nature of the Tower's influence - out of the blue, things start falling about our ears.  That which seemed secure and protective is suddenly destroyed and we are left out in the open, vulnerable.

These things happen in life and there can be good reason for them.  In the Whimsical Tarot we see a scene from The Three Little Pigs: the wolf is huffing and puffing and blowing the straw house down.  This was a structure that was not strong enough, no matter what its little pig thought, and the strong and wolf-proof brick house is seen offering sanctuary in the background.

When we are stuck in a sense of false security, righteousness, or just plain 'taking for granted-ness', which can be induced by the comfort and material concerns of The Devil, we need the Tower's strike to shake our foundations.  We then know our structures were not all we thought and can look to build better for the future, guided by the glowing hope of The Star.

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* Appeared as CARD OF THE MONTH in Tracker, newsletter of The Tarot Association of the British Isles
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