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The Star represents hope. It is an idea very common in society: the fixed star acting as a guiding star, a point on which one can rely; the shooting star upon which one wishes, articulating (even if only in the privacy of one's own conscious mind) a dream to which one can aspire, something personal and inspiring.

The Star is usually a naked lady, partly on earth and partly in water, pouring liquid from two jugs, one onto earth and one into water. This is, as usual, very symbolic - the nakedness represents a soul free and open, and can relate to one's true dreams (and freedom from the bonds of the Devil); earth and water connect to physical and emotional life - which one hopes to balance - and the pouring of liquid on both is a feeding of them. We can more easily hope and achieve our hopes if we nourish our hearts and bodies, keeping them in balance regarding what we want and what we can actually, practically achieve.

So - the Victorian Romantic Tarot Star: doesn't really fit, does it? Instead of free and open, she is somewhat covered, maybe teasing? The water pours from a jug that could easily have tipped over accidentally, rather than with nourishing purpose, and there is little balance between earth and water. Perhaps she is a fledgling star, not quite at the full point of belief?

Back to the more usual imagery - a bird or butterfly often appears on the Star card, representing the soul in flight in pursuit of our hopes. Hope is closely connected to fear, and the terror of loss created by the Devil and the Tower can be fought by the hope imbued in the Star. It can give us a moment of clarity as we consider our dreams and focus on them as viable goals. The Star's guiding light offers help as we approach the darker shoals of the Moon. Here it is well to also remember the fixed guiding Star, to which you can continue to refer as you try to navigate through the Moon's more murky waters and her winding, tower-warded paths.

* Appeared as CARD OF THE MONTH in Tracker, newsletter of The Tarot Association of the British Isles (slightly adapted - reference to the TABI member-only forum and information there has been cut)
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