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Moonlight distorts - does this mean that you are seeing things as they are in essence or that you are succumbing to illusions?

The Moon often lets us know that things are not as they appear. The illusory quality can be deceit, by others or ourselves. This may not be intentional, but matters are being hidden, leading to anxiety and confusion. Our fears come to the fore. I recently learnt that "Every fear is a question". Establish what the question is, and then answer it - in this way you face your fear.

The Moon prepares the way for answering questions. She draws the fears and uncertainties of our life out of the depths. She highlights the shadows and twisting shapes of darkness so that we can be aware of them. A creature emerges from the deep waters to find a path. This path passes wildness and its tamer counterpart - wolf and dog / our subconscious and conscious - accepting the benefit of both. It passes between the watch towers, aware of finding a point of clarity, but not sticking there in conscious guarding, blocked away. The journey continues in the softly searching moonlight, finding the hidden ways and exploring ever further.

In Thalia's card, the sea creature seems like Nessie - a being of imagination. Imagination can inform us and inspire us, but it may lead us to follow illusions and false dreams. Find where Nessie comes from - pass through those crystal shaped towers to channel energy that can be focused within, finding your Instinct, finding the essence which the Moon is calling at this time. She shines a benison down on whatever fear is rising now, showing it to us for our growth.

Moon magic calls to the waters of the world and of our bodies - it calls to our souls. When the hope and joy of the Star is blocked, the Moon calls our inner feelings and fears to the surface: let them flow - just follow the tides. Then, as we acknowledge, accept and transform them, hidden matters ebb again, and we have strong Sun energy for a new time of action.

* Appeared as CARD OF THE MONTH in Tracker, newsletter of The Tarot Association of the British Isles
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