Where should I get decks?
Try your local 'new age' / witchcraft / esoteric shops.  Many major bookselling franchises also have tarot - usually in a section called Mind Body Spirit (MBS).  And, of course, online!

It is often wise to go online and check out the cards of a deck that interests you, as decks in shops are rarely open and only some shops (usually the independent ones) have a card book or catalogue available to browse.

Probably the best first stop for viewing examples of decks is Aeclectic Tarot
How do I get a reading?
The main Tarot Addicts site is non-commercial.  If you are interested in a reading by Tarot Source, the creator of Tarot Addicts, please visit Tarot Source Readings.

You can also check out the Tarot Association of the British Isles for other professional readers, and for free readings.  TABI is a reputable association, whose readers follow certain ethics; some such readers appear on the Tarot Addicts Links page.  There are, of course, other sites offering tarot readings as well.  See Reading Considerations for further advice.
What is tarot?
For details of a tarot deck, see DECK INFORMATION.

Nowadays, tarot is used for advice and guidance in life.  As we look at the cards, they reflect back to us any issues that need attention.  They offer different perspectives so that we can approach a matter in various ways.  This helps to avoid continually going over the same ground as we try to deal with an issue.

Tarot probably started as a card game - see Tarocchi.  All cards are likely to have been used for fortune-telling, including tarot, especially from the 17th century.  In the 18th century tarot cards became associated with hidden wisdom.  Since that time they have been used for divination - both in the sense of being oracular (telling of hidden matters, including the future) and in the sense of connecting to the divine, or our own 'higher selves'.


Tarot Addicts
I Love Tarot!
Do I have to use a spread?
Spreads can help to specify points of an issue.  For example, if I want to know about my work, I could ask for specific advice about: my attitude; my goal; my relationships with colleagues; what will make me happiest at work.  I have picked out 4 points, and so could make a spread of 4 cards, 1 for each specific point.  
Starting out - which deck is best?
Start with a Waite deck - see CHOOSING A DECK
Does the Death card mean a death?
Death is one of the 'difficult' cards - cards that seem scary, or at least very negative, when first viewed.

The Death card is about natural endings, and endings make way for beginnings.  Many things end in our lives, including nasty situations which we want to see finish, so the Death card in this situation is wonderful!

No card is all positive or all negative - tarot reflects life.  
See also DEATH article
Isnít tarot all about fortune-telling?
There are people who offer fortune-telling, but you will need to search further to find these readers, as I (Tarot Source) don't actually use tarot cards to try to determine the future.

I believe the future is fluid and dependent on what we ourselves choose, as well as what the external world gets up to.  I do find it possible, though, to gain insight into how to approach the future.

Tarot is excellent at offering advice that helps us create our futures, which is an empowering way of reading the cards.
Reading Considerations - Make sure you know what sort of reading you want:

Advice on issues in need of attention: this is a way of reading that focuses on you finding your best way forward, with an open future. This is designed to empower you, helping your confidence and sense of direction.  It might be called a 'Self-Development Reading'.  This is the kind of reading offered at TABI.

Fortune-telling: sorry, this an area that does not appeal to me, so I am not able to direct you to predictive readings.  There are many readers available, though, who will be happy to help on that front - you'll just have to explore further to find them.

When you know the style of reading you want, make sure you find someone who will read in that way.  If you cannot tell from the site, ask the reader, and it is also worth asking about their ethics.  My own Code of Practice is based on the TABI Ethics.  Of course, it is unlikely that you can receive a reply about these matters if you are using an automated reading service. 

What is tarot?     Isn't tarot all about fortune-telling?

How do I get a reading?     Starting out - which deck is best?

Where should I get decks?     Do I have to use a spread?

Does the Death card mean a death?
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