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TAROT BASICS - Reading the Cards
High Priestess - associated with tapping into hidden meanings

As you become familiar with reading, you will find that, if a card is unclear, it can help to select another to assist with the meaning.  At first, however, working with a number of cards can be confusing.

Bearing the question in mind, look at each card in front of you:

What is the overall feel of the card:  light/dark; active/passive; attractive/off-putting?  Be clear about how you feel looking at the card

See if any part of the card stands out - consider what that aspect might mean
If reading for another, you may wish to ask what jumps out for them

Consider the card meanings you can find in TAROT BASICS - THE CARDS.

Connect it all together to tell the story of your reading.

Shuffling - you may wish to place the cards on a flat surface and swish them around, particularly if the deck is in order when you start.  Remember, then, to go through the deck and place all cards up the same way, unless you want to use reversals.

Reversed cards, or reversals, are cards that are upside down.  This can affect the card meaning.  Changes include weakening its influence or having it say the opposite of the usual meaning.  I rarely use reversals because I try to think of all the possible permutations of the card's meaning, positive and negative, each time the card is pulled.  I would encourage you to do the same, but by all means explore reversals further if they interest you.  (This is likely to involve some rote-learning.)

**  Advice - asking the cards for advice is probably the best approach for readings, if you are not specifically wanting to predict the future.  I do not use predictive methods myself, so cannot advise on this type of reading. If it interests you, do explore further.

*** Card Layouts - you can also use spreads, where cards are placed according to set positions.  If you are using a spread, connect the position meanings to the ones you have for the cards to create your reading. 

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