You can lay the cards out in set patterns - called spreads - with each position given a designated meaning.  For example, you are considering a particular issue:

Card 1 = influences that helped create the situation

Card 2 = the essence of the current problem

Card 3 = advice on how to move forward from here

Imagine you ask the tarot to help you explore why you are feeling dissatisfied and bored.
The cards answer with:

1. The Knight of Swords helped create this situation

2. Three of Swords is the essential problem right now

3. Six of Cups can help you deal with these feelings

You might then interpret the reading to mean:




There are many spreads around - you can find them in LWBs, books and online.  Some will be added to this site as it develops.  Most importantly, though, you can create your own layouts - and they are likely to work well for you because, as your creations, you can connect to them strongly.

Sometimes, 'forcing' the cards into a pattern seems strange and difficult to understand.  Do not worry about feeling this way - many readers pull cards instinctively as seems right at the time.  This is a perfectly fine way to read (I tend towards it quite a bit, myself).  As always, what feels right to you is what will work for you.

Think of card meanings, spreads, acquired knowledge and your own connections to all these as tools - practical aids for your tarot experience.  In gaining these tools you lay the foundations for your readings - but in the reading situation itself, rely on your instincts and trust that the preparation you have previously undertaken, those tools you have acquired, will stand you in good stead.

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TAROT BASICS - Card Layouts
Card 1
Card 2
Card 3
Card 1 - Knight of Swords Card 2 - Three of Swords Card 3 - Six of Cups
You have rushed headlong at a fixed goal and may have been blind to other matters which now affect you.

You feel a sense of loss: something important is missing and it hurts.  The dissatisfaction and boredom cover up this pain so that you can avoid dealing with it. You probably ignored the original cause of the pain in order to pursue your set goal.  [Connects to 1.]

Look to the past for help in finding the root problem; use pleasant memories and connections - beyond your previous, all-encompassing goal - to ease the pain you find and so gain energy and interest again.  [Connects to 1. & 2.]

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