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TAROT BASICS ADVICE - Learning Meanings
CARD MEANINGS can simply be memorised.  HOWEVER, there are also interpretations which can be explored rather than learnt by rote.

Exploring helps you to really connect with the cards, so that you can read without having to rely solely on memory. This means you will be able to cope with different situations and querents, adapting according to what feels right at the time.  In the end, your best decisions will be based on what feels right, backed up by practical preparation (the work you are putting in here and your own explorations).

I recommend
The Moon - associated with hidden matters rising into view
I recommend that you now read BASIC ADVICE - INTERPRETING, if you haven't already.

If you have read this, start getting to know tarot with the foundation ideas found in TAROT BASICS - THE CARDS, looking carefully at your cards / the images shown here.

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