Tarot Addicts
I wouldn't normally advocate addiction, but I admit: I am proud of my collection of over 200 tarot decks. This is but a drop in the ocean of tarotmania - there are plenty of people out there with more - but, hey, it's good to be proud of something.

I first discovered tarot via my father's Waite deck.  I was interested, but it was when I found a Shakespeare deck that I really looked into the cards.  (I am in love with The Bard's plays.) Later, I returned to the Waite when I realised how great it was, and that was me hooked!  Since then I have gorged myself on matters-tarot.  You see -  I Love Tarot!

As for my personal view of tarot - I consider it a developmental tool.
It may be that psychic or mystic connections appear in a reading, but I prefer to explore and share tarot that does not depend on such maybes:  tarot open to all.

I am Tarot Source, and I am a Tarot Addict.
I Love Tarot!

As a Tarot Reader * - meeting face-to-face with clients and sending e-mail readings - I have been able to share my love of the cards.  And now, here is . . .

Tarot Addicts - a site for sharing my tarot passion; a place for delving into tarot lore in search of wisdom and entertainment.  I freely admit it is my idea of what is wise and fun!

However, you - my fellow Tarot Addicts - will also be able to have Your Say.
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* Tarot Addicts is a non-commercial site, but there are links to readers, including myself, on the LINKS page.  If you wish to see something of my approach to reading, see TAROT SOURCE CODE OF PRACTICE.
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